Broadmead: The Soundtrack to the Film of the Place gets a super super super limited edition pressing on grey vinyl : just 500 copies.

'Broadmead' is the soundtrack to ‘Broadmead: The Movie’, a film by Stanley Donwood and Mat Consume. The score, written and performed by John Matthias and Jay Auborn is beautifully sad. Broadmead is a run-down shopping precinct in Bristol, built at a time when the government of the United Kingdom was building a National Health Service, new universities, nationalising the railways and creating a Welfare State. Broadmead's decline mirrors the crumbling aspirations of the UK in the wake of market economics, neo-liberalism and a mantra that declares greed a 'good thing'.

Packaging designed by Eight Grey with photography by Joe Auborn, and including essays by Gareth Evans (Whitechapel Gallery) and Sukhdev Sandhu (The Guardian) as well as the narrated text by Stanley Donwood.

Available: 200 £30.00